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Interview Mocha is a Pre-employment skill testing solution with 1000+ ready skill tests, advanced simulators and excelle

Interview Mocha is a premier online Pre-employment Testing Solution with 1000+ latest & quality Skill Tests in IT skills, Business, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Language, ERP, Design, Development skills etc.  We also offer customized tests tailored to suit specific job requirements. With the use of advanced skill simulators such as Coding Simulator, Descriptive Q&A simulator, and other Job-based simulation tests, companies can predict candidate's Job Performance during pre-hire screening. 

Our productivity features, advanced web-proctoring, advanced analytics, branding facility, and very strong customer support makes Interview Mocha the preferred skill assessment partner of companies worldwide.

 Interview Mocha help hiring managers and recruiters to objectively quantify skill in initial level of candidate interaction. Interview Mocha reduces  administrative time, efforts, cost and hassles in pre-employment skills testing. There is also a significant saving of billable hours of the Hiring Managers & Hiring team by interviewing only relevant candidates.

1.    Not every time the hiring team has the right resources and ample time to create tests for each & every skill for their business needs.

2.    After testing a few candidates the tests become repetitive and its tough for the hiring team to retain the freshness, relevancy of questions for each & every skill. Keeping the tests relevant and updated with latest versions is also a big problem with companies.

3.    Lots of money, time, and administrative hassles are involved in scheduling on-premise tests, human invigilation and administering the right test for latest skills.