www.staffjoy.com (Technology)


Staffjoy is creating flexibility for workers and businesses to help them thrive.

Staffjoy provides the first workforce tool that builds schedules entirely automatically, while respecting worker preferences and not requiring human scheduler. The web app collects worker availability and business demand, and then schedules workers according to their preferences, as well as the business’s rules. Businesses save money by regaining time spent scheduling, as they utilize the more efficient schedules.

Relative to other scheduling startups like WhenIWork and ShiftPlanning, Staffjoy automates the whole process and decreases labor costs.
Philip Thomas and Andrew Hess co-founded Staffjoy. They met while engineering students at Washington University in St. Louis, then worked at OpenDNS through its acquisition by Cisco. They started Staffjoy as a side project, then began working on it full-time during the first Y Combinator Fellowship Class.

We are automating a task that managers spend millions of hours per week doing around the world. Not only are we replacing a human, but we are out-performing them and our sophisticated algorithms automate legal compliance and better allocate resources than a human.

Please check an article about us here: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/22/staffjoy-launches-from-yc-fellowship-helping-businesses-automate-their-workforce-scheduling/