startmvp.net (Technology)


StartMVP builds Minimal Viable Products for Startups.

MVP is an important entry point into the startup landscape today. 10 years ago it was easy to get funded with an idea and a business plan. Today game rules changed and an MVP is required prior the seed investment.

BUT it is not as easy as it sounds. MVP costs money AND experience. To transform the idea into working MVP experience in product development, design and IT is required. All those parts fit together to get the first version of working product - the MVP. It is not sufficient to hire a developer to get your MVP done, the developer is the last part in the value chain. StartMVP offerst the complete value chain in product building.

What makes our business unique:

StartMVP unifies the fields of product management, design and IT into one concept. We develop your product with our experience in product building. We are based in Germany and France, but work with founders from UK, USA and Asia. Your advantages are: high quality, fast delivery and competitive pricing (because of our development team located in former Soviet Union).

Our pricing:

  • Mobile app MVP (from $2500)
  • Web app (from $2000)
  • Design and UI (from $400)
  • Clickable MVP (from $500)