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BuddyCRM is the Sales Management tool built by sales professionals, for sales professionals.

BuddyCRM is the Sales Management tool built by sales professionals, for sales professionals. The team behind BuddyCRM were frustrated with using CRM software to manage their businesses that was too complicated, too expensive and poorly supported. We were fed up with spending longer managing our software than managing our sales team. We knew we could do better. BuddyCRM is the product of that vision. 

Our view is that in order to bake the perfect CRM, there are a few simple but hugely important ingredients that you need to throw in.

- Firstly, start with the everyday users, the sales team. If they don't buy in and use the software as the central part of their work then don't ever bother thinking you will get decent management information. If they buy in and see the benefit, then the management data will be gold dust. Garbage inn garbage out, as they say


- Keep it simple, stupid. make it easy to use and let users get on selling. We try and make sure no action in BuddyCRM takes more than 3 clicks. We also don't bloat with features. Too often, software makers try and build in every single feature possible. Instead, we focus on the key features for sales teams and make those as efficient and easy as possible. We focus on Sales CRM. For things like e-mail marketing and data cleansing, we give you the tools to link in with best of breed specialist software like MailChimp and Pure360. 

- Give the ability to link in with you other systems (such as ERP and accounting) to display all customer information in one place. Sales people hate having to dig around in multiple sources for information for that important meeting - give them a single customer view.

- Easy, real time management information should be available as and when required. Give you dashboards that divide data into sales teams and individuals so you can manage from the beach!

- Marketing can't be forgotten. Interrogate your data in a thousand different ways within seconds to generate targeted campaign lists. Track the ROI on your marketing budget to see how much bang you are getting for your buck!

- Don't make technology the barrier. Make it easy to access on PC, Tablet or phone, either through the browser or a native app. 

- Support is as important as the software. We work with our customers to make sure the software is customised to how their business works. Also, implementing a CRM successfully is an ongoing process, not a one off. We are with our customers for the long term - building a tool that does the job for them. After all, software is the means to the end, not the end itself!

- Making the pricing fair and consistent to give you peace of mind. Up front costs should be kept to an absolute minimum.

We are passionate about CRM. If you want a chat, on the phone, by e-mail or over a coffee, please contact us.