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Lawn Care Business Software - Manage Customers (CRM), Estimates, Jobs, Invoices, Equipment, Expenses, Payments, P&L, etc

Customer Management (CRM) 
Manage Contact Information 
Manage Properties 
Add Notes and Attachments 
Track Customer Source 
Single View of a Customer (All historical records) 

Property Management 
Get Lawn Measurements Based on Satellite Images 
Track Property Manager Info 
View Last Serviced Date 
Set up Price Per Cut 
Add Photos (Ex. before and after pics) 

Build Estimates for New and Existing Customers 
Print or Email Customer Estimates 
Track Costs for Each Line Item 
Generate Invoices from Estimates 
Generate Jobs from Estimates 

Job Management 
Set up and Track One-time / Recurring Jobs 
Print a List of Jobs for a Single Day 
Build Routing Sheets and Optimize Routes 
Create Invoices from Jobs 
Different Views of Calendar (Day, Week, Month) 
Reschedule Jobs and Track Job Status 
Assign Jobs to a Person or a Crew 

Billing & Invoices 
Create One-time Invoice or Recurring Invoice 
Upload Your Own Logo 
Email or Print Invoices 
Customize Invoice Background 
Collect Payments Online via Credit Card Processing 
Support Double-Windowed Envelopes #9 
Track Multiple Service Dates and Properties 
Calculate Tax Based on Customer Tax Rates 

Manage Check-in and Check-out 
Set up Recurring Maintenance Tasks 
Track Storage Locations 
Store Purchase Price and Date 
Store Details like Serial# and Model# 

Track Expenses by Category 
Track Vendor Information 
Store Payment Method and Check # 
Supply Expense Data to the Profit and Loss Report 

Record Payments Against Invoices 
Support Partial Payments 
Automatically Calculate Payment Due Date 
Specify Payment Methods and Categories 
Collect Credit Card Payments Online 

Chemical Tracking 
Track Chemical Applications 
Store Applicator Information (ex. License #) 
Capture Chemical Product Details 
Specify Customer Notes and Instructions 
Print to PDF File 

Credit Card Processing 
Allow Customers to Pay with Credit Cards 
Send Online Payment Links with Invoices 
Record Payments Automatically in Yardbook 
Set Invoice Status to “Paid” 
Get Notified When You Receive a New Payment 

Routing and Optimization 
Create One or More Routing Sheets 
Drag and Drop Activities 
Optimize and Find the Fastest Routes 
Share Routing Sheets via Email or Paper 

Product Catalog 
Set up Customized Product Catalog 
Define Prices and Tax Rates 
Capture Default Product Quantity and Units 
Apply Product/Services on Estimates and Invoices 
Enable Automatic Price Calculations 

Email Templates 
Define Your Own Email Templates for Invoices and Estimates 
Dynamically Generate Emails from the Templates 

Tax Rates 
Set up Different Tax Rates for Cities/Counties 
Assign Tax Rates to Different 

Profit and Loss Report 
Sales Tax Report 
Invoice Report 
Payment Report 

Export / Backup 
Backup All Critical Data 
Export Data in CSV files and Save Locally 
Data Available for Export: 
Payments & Expenses 
Chemical Tracking